Thursday, November 20, 2003
  a new chapter a new chapter

Dennis is moving back to Boston...

[You see that Den? Live and in print; it's a done deal now]

So this year spring will bring about a new era. And it's about time. I'm done with this particular holding pattern.

My twenties: a decade of waiting, of circling, of spinning my wheels... An era of uncertainty, spent looking hesitantly back over my shoulder, still cloaked in green naivety, peering around corners, only guessing at the paths ahead.

Of hope, of dreams, flushed pink in inspiration.

Of quietly dying inside. The astronaut floating in space, the umbilical cord: the imminent cut.

Of growth: the creaking, aching sounds of growing pains.

And at the end of the chapter, age 29 finds me stamping my feet, just to feel the solid earth beneath them again.

And in January: I turn 30.

Chapter four. Will begin around a table with friends and candles and wine and a committed lover, one who is moving back to Boston just to be with me.

That’s all I know.


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