Saturday, August 09, 2003
  won't you take this love from me won't you take this love from me

On the pulling end of a long-distance relationship, evenings and weekends run long. I am teaching myself not to fear the empty spaces, the time on my hands, the evening breeze, the longing not to be alone.

I fill my weekend days busy, busy running errands. Refuge found in the din of a crowded café. A good book, a long walk… but still the nights loom on the horizon like a storm.

Tired of constantly trying to scare up friends, I stand defiant against my loneliness, against the silent empty house.

Dinner and a movie: I wait until I'm hungry to go grocery shopping. I cook myself a feast of homemade tacos. Caramel pudding for dessert. I sit outside with a glass of beer. No one to see me crunch taco down my shirt. My cat runs excitedly around my chair. Crickets chirp, Kris Delmhorst sings from my stereo:

I guess we're all the same, we walk our days looking for a little more fire
And we all sometimes have to sit on our hands
We try to hold ourselves together
We try to talk about the weather
When all we really want to do is take each other by the throat and say

Won't you dream my dream with me
Don't you leave it here drying on my pillow
Wont you just soak a little up for me
Won't you give it just a safe place to go
It just needs a safe place to go…


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